date: 12/15/2022

Natural linen rugs

Linen carpets belong to the category of carpets from natural materials, which are popular amongst our customers for a long time. The Secrets of Linen brand is a guarantee of 100% natural materials in the form of Belgian linen, occasionally combined with wool to enhance some useful properties of the final product. The manufacturing company has the European Flax Excellence certificate, which means they only use flax yarn from flax grown in Europe.

Linen rugs are characterized by high durability (probably the highest of all natural materials) and therefore a long service life.

Linen rugs collection

Natural linen rugs Secrets of Linen are divided into several collections with different pile heights:

  • Ecoline: These rugs are made from 100% untreated linen yarn, either bleached/white or ecru, which is the natural color of linen.
  • Lino: Rugs made from 100% linen yarn, which can be dyed in different shades. Rugs from this collection are very strong and durable and can brighten up any interior.
  • Diamond: Our most luxurious 100% linen collection. Hand tufted rugs are surprisingly soft and have a silky feel.
  • Antea: The yarn used for these rugs is a combination of linen (70%) and wool (30%). You get the softness and bulkiness of wool along with the strength, durability and luster of linen.
  • Lila: A collection of rugs in the composition of linen + wool, the combination of different colors and qualities creates a completely new color spectrum.

Handmade rugs

All Secrets of Linen rugs are handmade using traditional know-how, proudly bearing the label "Made in Belgium".

With this range, it is necessary to keep in mind that linen is a 100% natural product that has been processed into a rug by hand, which means that it may have natural irregularities in color or surface finish, which in synthetic materials and machine production you will not find. The color can be lighter or darker depending on the flax harvest. All this is a natural part of products made from natural materials and at the same time it is a sign of quality and craftsmanship.

All Secrets of Linen rugs are made to measure, so each time a unique and original product is created.

You can find our assortment of wall-to-wall carpets and rugs made of natural materials on the pages of the BOCA online catalog.

Rugs from natural materials