date: 04/19/2022

The wedding day is certainly one of the moments that are worth remembering and devoting some effort to their preparation. The possibilities of decorating the place of this event or the celebration are practically unlimited today - whether it is a glittering runner, a white comfortable carpet with any inscription, tablecloths and placemats with the monogram or various curtains and garlands.

We offer a wedding collection of carpets and event textiles with an excellent price / performance ratio.  

What we offer for your wedding day:

  • runners
  • carpets and rugs
  • tablecloths

  • chair covers
  • curtains

Carpets and fabrics are available in many shades, among which white, cream, silver and gold, or red naturally dominate. However, the color range of the entire wedding collection is much wider, not to mention the possibilities of individual design.

Custom design

Everything from carpets or runners to tablecloths and curtains can be made from a certain ordered quantity with an individual design on request - color and specific motif, monogram, logo, inscription, etc ...

Also, it is not a problem to match the carpet and, for example, the upholstery fabric in the same design or shade so that everything together looks as harmonious as possible.

Suitable for outdoor

Although all rugs and fabrics are primarily intended for disposable installations, they still have high durability and handle outdoor conditions, the weather, etc. very well.

You can see a small selection of our products from the wedding collection of carpets and fabrics below in our online catalog. 

Wedding collection in our online catalog