date: 07/18/2020

In our sortiment you can find one-off carpets and fabrics in a large variety of colors, with glitters, wedding motives or you can even have a carpet based on your own design.

What do we offer for wedding ceremonies?

• Wedding carpets and runners

Our wedding carpets are made for floor covering either as wall-to-wall or classic runners.

• Covering and decorative fabrics

Along with decorative wedding textiles you can make a wonderful wedding atmosphere, that you can imagine. Celebratory enviroment of the wedding day can be supported, for example by curtains, table-cloth or separating walls.

Also for some of the qualities it is possible to create a carpet/runner as well as a decorative/covering fabric in the same design.

For example, you can have a carpet and a decorative fabric in the same design put anywhere in an area: on walls, curtains, table-cloths and so on.

What our wedding collection offers:

• Large quantity of colors

There are many colors of carpets and fabrics to choose from - from plain white over modern elephant bone to glittering gold, silver or any other metallic color. The same also works for surfaces - you can have decorative fabrics to be soft, plushy or with glitter, depends on your preference.

• Individual motives on request

Starting at 1 roll, it is possible to have a fabric or a carpet made with your own color or design pattern. You can loosen the bridle of your own fantasy and have a fabric made with your own names, initials or various ornaments on it.

• Fantastic price/performance ratio

In regards to those carpets and fabrics being one-offs, the price/performance ration is adjusted to it.

• High resistance

The materials are ideal for interior as well as exterior usage, they are accustomed to outdoor weather conditions.