Coir as a material for mats

Natural coconut is a classic choice in the field of cleaning mats. The coir fibres are mechanically attached to the substrate with a stabilising glass grid, which guarantees dimensional stability, thanks to which wheelchairs or high heels are not a problem for the mat. The PVC base does not contain phthalates and protects the floor under the mat from trapped moisture and dirt.

What are coir cleaning mats?

  • Mats made of this material are robust and very dense.

  • Thanks to their high weight, they adjoin well to the floor.
  • They have a high cleaning ability, they absorb moisture well – about 8 litres of water per square metre.
  • They do not fray, it is not necessary to provide them with a ramp.

Colours and dimensions of coir mats

You can choose any size of mat that we will customise for you. You can also choose from many colours – some prefer natural light brown, others need a cleaning mat to harmonise with the rest of the interior. Striped designs are also available. Coconut mats can also be of various heights, from 13 to 28 millimetres.

Use of coconut mats

Coconut mats are designed for interiors, ideally for private apartments and houses, and for lighter commercial spaces such as offices, less frequented public buildings and smaller companies with a maximum of medium traffic. These mats meet traffic class number 32, and at the same time European fire standard (Cfl-s1).