Realization date: 2020
Designer: Mimolimit

Almost all interiors are designed in a way that nothing prevents guests from enjoying the views of the nature surrounding the hotel. The selected materials and their rather subdued colors correspond to this - they are mostly stone, wood and textile carpets, which evoke the coziness and in winter also warmth.

In combination with the large glass windows, behind which the scenery can be seen as from an ice kingdom, the wood and carpets act as a pleasant contrast.

Hand woven carpets for the rooms

As always, BOCA provided the installation of floor coverings, in this case mainly carpets. Hand-woven carpet ITC Melbourne from the highest quality New Zealand wool was chosen for the rooms, corridors and most other areas. Three different colors were used in a total area of 850 m2.

The only place where you can see all three color variants at once is in the hotel reception - the intertwining carpets are also embedded in travertine tiles.

The same effect of the paving frame was used when installing in the corridors.

Contract carpets and mats 

The second type of materials were Fletco Art Weave contract carpets with a unique design reminiscent of stone - we laid a total of 400 m2 in conference rooms and fitness areas, where a larger load is expected. We placed a durable coconut cleaning mat next to the entrance.

Moving material by crane

Because carpet rolls would be very difficult to get to the upper floors inside the hotel by stairs, it was decided that we would partially move the material with the help of a crane. Everything went smoothly thanks to the careful planning and the 4-meter rolls got to the installation site in order.