Client: Potrefená Husa
Realization date: 2019
Author: Ing. arch. Tomáš Hrubý, DL STUDIO

During the reconstruction of the Potrefená husa restaurant in Platnéřská street in Prague's Old Town, BOCA made a complete replacement of floor coverings. Reconstruction was complete, it covered the entire interior. It is very large place - the restaurant has the upper floor at the street level where the bar is located, and the lower floor with several podiums plus a kitchen, storage and other necessary areas.

Because of the high traffic and frequent movement of people in this popular restaurant, the Expona SimpLay vinyl floor was chosen as the ideal flooring. Thanks to its 5 mm thickness and a 0.7 mm wear layer, SimpLay is a highly durable material that meets the highest load class in commercial space. Wood and concrete were selected from the available designs. 

Polysafe vinyl flooring with a non-slip finish in gray was used in the background.