Client: U Tellerů
Author: 20-20-ARCHITEKTI + dl studio
Year: 2020
Photo: BOCA Group

The restaurant on the corner of Jiřího z Poděbrad Square on the border of Žižkov and Vinohrady with a selection of quality steaks, burgers and other meals is a new space, where the interior design did not have to submit to anything and was created so-called "on a green field". The Tellers know that good food is best enjoyed in an environment where the surrounding interior is pleasing to the eye, and therefore they have taken care of the floors, surfaces and all equipment with due care.

Vinyl, wherever you look

The ideal floor covering for such frequented spaces is undoubtedly vinyl. Whether in the form of Expona Commercial vinyl planks/tiles, which are used in two different designs (wood and stone) in customer areas, or in the form of vinyl in rolls - slip-resistant Polysafe and Polyflor, which were installed in the kitchen and other areas of the restaurant.

High durability, easy maintenance and a large selection of designs were the main arguments for the use of vinyl flooring in this case. 

Dominant "rusty wall"

After entering, the first to be attracted is a wall with a rusty copper color and the restaurant logo - this is our Oxyrust cement screed, where the color was adjusted to match the rest of the equipment in the room. The logo is projected on the wall and the backlight from below and the daylight from the side windows make the structure of the coating on the wall stand out.

In the case of our coatings, they are always handmade, and therefore the resulting surface is an original that you will not see anywhere else. 

vinyl tiles
vinyl rolls