Client: O2 Arena
Author: Ing. arch. Jiří Kapusta, Ateliér Artline
Year: 2020
Photo: BOCA Group

Probably the most famous sports hall in the Czech Republic - O2 Arena - was opened in 2004 and its maximum visitor capacity is 20,000 people. It is a huge space, which of course requires some reconstruction after years of operation.

BOCA was in charge of replacement of the original paving with a modern and durable surface made of terrazzo.

In terms of material, terrazzo is a mixture of cement, crushed stone and dyes, which are joined together into a mass, which is poured onto the substrate and forms the final floor. The combination of different colors of crumb and binder creates unique surfaces - whether sanded smooth and polished to a high gloss, or with a rougher surface.

Surface preparation

Before the actual installation of the floor, it was necessary to thoroughly prepare the incoherent substrate - not only to dismantle the old tiles, but also to sand off the adhesive residues, to repair the substrate and apply a leveling layer to it. 

Black and white mosaic

Almost 450 square meters of terrazzo are divided into light and dark parts, which are separated by gold end profiles - these serve not only as a functional, but also as a design element that gently complements the luxurious appearance of the surface.

For greater effect, a mirror crumbs are added to the terrazzo.

Ochrana okolních prostor

Protože prostory O2 Areny jsou kompletně zařízené, bylo nutné kvůli podlahářským pracem vytvořit všude protiprachové stěny a zdi s tapetami v blízkosti stavby ochránit nepropustnou fólií. Také jsme zajistili ochranu všech dveří a světel plus demontáž a zpětnou instalaci koberce a dřevěných soklů navazujících na nové podlahy.

Protection of surrounding areas

As the O2 Arena is fully furnished, it was necessary to create dust walls everywhere and to protect the walls with wallpapers near the new floor with an impermeable foil. We also provided protection for all doors and lights, plus the removal and re-installation of carpets and wooden skirting connected to the new floors.