You can wish for almost anything – classic concrete grey, earthy shades of brown and green, distinctly orange or turquoise, white or black, it is even possible to achieve the effect of rusty sheet metal or metallic reflections with special procedures.

Due to the fact that it is handmade and that when coloring the screeds, we also work with mixing different colours and their intensity, the resulting surface is always unique and unrepeatably original.  

1 – substrate preparation

2 – application of special dye

3 – rinsing with water

4 – rinsing with neutraliser

5 – application of protective layer

Metallic or rusty effects

The possibilities of cement screeds are currently so extensive that they are not limited to different colours from the standard range, but it is also possible to achieve effects such as rusty sheet metal or metallic reflections.

Advantages of these surfaces:

  • high durability (they are much harder than Venetian stucco and gypsum plaster)
  • imitation of metal surfaces (bronze, iron, brass, tin, copper and zinc)
  • possibility of application not only on walls, but also tables, counters and other furniture

Come and see samples of these materials in our BOCA showroom in Prague - Flora.

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