date: 06/21/2022

The Tacet collection belongs to the group of acoustic materials of our long-term supplier Vertisol and is available in three different forms: Quadratto (square), Rettangolo (rectangle) and Tondo (circle). Each of them then exists in two different sizes and a palette of 16 colors. Installation is possible in several different ways: by anchoring to the wall, hanging on the ceiling horizontally or vertically, or in the case of Tondo Sole with a swivel base for placement on the floor.

Everything is made with attention to detail, from the frame material to the woven vinyl with which the final product is coated.

In this case, the high quality of Tacet products also means much-needed aesthetics and functionality.

Where do acoustic panels fit?

Tacet is designed for installation in commercial and residential interiors, offices, restaurants, auditoriums, meeting rooms, in short, wherever it is necessary to increase the acoustic comfort of the space. The technical properties of woven vinyl and other materials used in these acoustic panels reduce ambient noise and create a more pleasant sound environment.