Therefore, a suitable floor solution for an office space must primarily be selected according to the traffic class, but at the same time it must be taken into account that today you no longer stun anyone "with high traffic flooring in an indeterminate colour, especially when nothing is visible". Even in offices and other commercial spaces, we want to feel comfortable and be surrounded by materials that serve their purpose perfectly and, at the same time, look good.

Which flooring is suitable for offices?

For office space, the offer is relatively broad, you can choose from many materials that can be installed on both floors and walls (either for reasons of better acoustics, or purely because of the design and cosiness of the originally austere space).


Vinyl flooring suitable for the office offers various options – for a long time you needn't have had to stick to the tried-and-tested pattern of wood or stone, but could instead have a crumpled paper design, an imaginative patterns composed of squares or rolls of differently coloured vinyls on the floor.


Rubber is a pleasantly soft material with a comfortable tread, it can also be used to carve and arrange various patterns on the floor. There are also special rubber floors that have an added acoustic insulation layer if this needs to be addressed.


You don't even have to worry about classic wooden floors – a high-quality noble part will withstand even normal office operations, and the wood also looks very luxurious. The walls can then be clad with either special wood covering or the same material as on the floor.


If you are a lover of clean lines and a natural look, try it with a cement screed as a modern imitation concrete. The colour palette offers much more than just classic grey, and you can have the same material applied to the floor, walls, stairs and other surfaces.


Contract carpets are undoubtedly especially suitable for offices, but their range of products is huge today. Carpet tiles, from which you can create multi-coloured zones, areas of various shapes, design carpets from special eco-materials, piece carpets, with which you can emphasise only particular parts of a space, etc.

Woven vinyl

Woven vinyl can not only be successfully applied in offices on the floor, but also the walls. Its advantage is high durability and an unobtrusive design. You can also play with woven vinyl in the design – use different shapes, combine contrasting colours or similar shades, and combine different surfaces.


Solutions for better acoustics

In areas where there is a lot of communication, unsuitable acoustics is a common problem. Offices and open-plan workspaces may exhibit unsatisfactory sound parameters, which cause the sounds in the room to be reflected, creating noise and bustle that make communication difficult and impair concentration.

The solution is acoustic materials, with which these spaces are equipped, thus ensuring a more pleasant environment for work. You can choose from acoustic panels for the wall or ceiling, or shapeable materials with an acoustic benefit. There are a number of ways to adapt these acoustic aids to the spaces for which they are intended – you can have different shapes, colours, surfaces, individualised printing...

Combination of multiple materials

Sometimes it is useful to combine materials and take advantage of their various advantages within one space. Typically, for example, the offices themselves may require a different flooring than negotiation and meeting rooms, and a kitchen in common areas or toilets have completely different requirements.

Vinyl + woven vinyl

In this contract, the investor wanted to replace aesthetically and functionally obsolete PVC surfaces with modern floor coverings – together we chose SimpLay vinyl squares in a grey concrete design and Fitnice woven vinyl in two complementary shades.

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Wall-to-wall carpets + carpet tiles + vinyl

A customer renting fully equipped offices not only needed new floor surfaces for the offices of various sizes themselves, but also for the relaxation zone, the game room, the two kitchens, the reception area and other spaces. Only by combining several different materials did we achieve a perfect result.

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