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In our offer you will find over a thousand types of different materials, colors and designs. That's enough combinations to realize any of your ideas about the perfect interior.


Inspiration & innovation

Don't underestimate mats and cleaning zones - they help create a first impression

We have already written many times about the fact that a cleaning mat or zone, ideally a few steps long, should be installed at each entrance door. In addition to the practical function, which is obvious, the aesthetic point of view should not be underestimated.

TEXRA - carpet tiles with an organic design

Contract carpet tiles have long been a popular floor covering for the commercial and public sectors in our assortment - that's why when some appear on the market with a more distinctive design and also with the Red Dot Awards, success is practically guaranteed.

Tacet acoustic panels designed by Monika Armani

Tacet acoustic panels designed by Italian designer Monica Armani will catch your eye at first glance. With elegant shapes and larger dimensions, these panels not only improve the acoustic quality of the space, but also provide almost artistic added value to the space.

Woven vinyl Fitnice Wall as decorative and functional wall covering

Vinyl wall coverings are actually a modern concept of classic wallpaper - it is a visually unusual fabric in a wide range of structures and colors, which fulfills both the decorative function and offers acoustic benefits to spaces where it is desired.

Wedding carpets, runners and decorative fabrics

Wedding rugs, treads, decorations and other textiles that help complete the perfect wedding day - we have it all on offer, in various materials, colors and sizes, we also provide custom design to the customer's wishes.


We like to be a part of big things. Take a look at our work and let yourself be inspired by our completed projects.

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How do our beginnings relate to the largest rug in the world? Why does our family company today represent thirty leading world brands of all types of surfaces? And what experience can we offer in the realization of your projects? Get to know our story.

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