We help architects and their clients manage everything about materials and surfaces for residential and commercial interiors. From design through the selection of the right products and the installation to aftercare.

Floors and surfaces for exceptional interiors

Combine materials and colors indefinitely

In our offer you will find over a thousand types of different materials, colors and designs. That's enough combinations to realize any of your ideas about the perfect interior.

Inspiration & innovation

Collection of design carpets for every space

The collection of Object Carpet x Ippolito Fleitz carpets is made in the spirit of design experiments - 111 color variants in various materials can be combined with each other and thus complete the interiors according to the architect's ideas.

Expona SimpLay - a vinyl floor that holds without gluing

The Expona Simplay vinyl floor from the German brand Objectflor is a completely unique type of self-laying floor covering, the main advantage of which is easy and quick installation. It does not have to be firmly attached to the substrate, it holds even without glue or fixation.

Outdoor rugs for balconies and terraces

In this article you can find what rugs/carpets are suitable for outdoor areas that are exposed to bad weather. Outdoor carpets are a separate category that has its own specifics, and you don't have to worry about having a small selection.

James cleaning products for carpets and floor coverings

In order to complete the portfolio of our services, we have added to the range products for the care and maintenance of floor coverings that we use ourselves. The James brand is a guarantee of quality for us, which we have personally tested and we know how it works.

Luxury hand made carpets ITC

In the case of ITC Dutch carpets, the word "luxury" covers an assortment of rugs and wall-to-wall carpets made mainly by hand and from various natural materials. Quality and design are simply in the first place here.

Event carpets and decorative fabrics Pointex

Event fabrics and carpets are a specific category that goes beyond the usual range. We offer products from the Italian company Pointex, which, in addition to an excellent price / performance ratio, also have a high degree of customization.


We like to be a part of big things. Take a look at our work and let yourself be inspired by our completed projects.

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How do our beginnings relate to the largest rug in the world? Why does our family company today represent thirty leading world brands of all types of surfaces? And what experience can we offer in the realization of your projects? Get to know our story.

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