We help architects and their clients manage everything about materials and surfaces for residential and commercial interiors. From design through the selection of the right products to aftercare.

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In our offer you will find over a thousand types of different materials, colors and designs. That's enough combinations to realize any of your ideas about the perfect interior.

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Where does the acoustic floor fit?

The new generation of self-laying vinyl floors is called Expona SimpLay 19dB and represents an acoustic variant to the classic SimpLay vinyl flooring. Soundproofing and sound insulation solutions are suitable for various types of areas.

New logo, new website... and what is next

We have a brand new website, but that's not all. The launch of the new website and our new logo are just the first in a series of news that we are preparing for you in the near future.

Bathroom - screed instead of paving

If at least once in a lifetime you have cleansed the joints between the tiles in the bathroom, you know how tedious work it is. Moreover, it is more than certain that it was not the last time - the joints will get dirty again and will need to be cleaned again.

New design carpets with outstanding graphics

Today's trend is undoubtedly customization and individual tailoring of products to the wishes of customers. The FORUM FOR GREAT IDEAS carpet collection goes significantly with this trend.

Outdoor rugs for balconies and terraces

The summer is here and along with it our more frequent outdoor stay, in open spaces. The recent coronavirus quarantine may have helped that to a certain extent, where we tried to stay indoors as much as possible, because of which we now like the fresh air that the outside provides even more.

What are the best floors for schools and kindergartens?

Floors for schools and kindergartens are a separate group of floor coverings with very specific requirements. The most important ones are of course durability, safety and easy maintenance, but there are others to consider.


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How do our beginnings relate to the largest rug in the world? Why does our family company today represent thirty leading world brands of all types of surfaces? And what experience can we offer in the realization of your projects? Get to know our story.

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