The solution of floors and walls in restaurants must not only deal with the demands of high durability and reasonably long life, but also of appearance – fortunately, the times of laying anything on the ground in these establishments that "lasts a long time and does not cost much” are long gone. Modern restaurants, cafes, bars and other similar spaces want to not only amaze their visitors with the quality of food, drink and services provided, but also often with a sophisticated interior.

Vinyl floors as the first choice

Vinyl is a material that is likely to first come to your mind as a restaurant solution – durable, easy to maintain and with a large selection of designs, what more could you want? In our product range, the Expona SimpLay and Expona Commercial vinyl flooring lines best meet these requirements. The floor can not only look like classic wood or stone, but we also offer such specialities as crumpled paper, plywood or cracked porcelain.

If you have a specific idea of a floor pattern in your head, but you can't find it anywhere, we also offer you the opportunity to have vinyl rolls printed with an individual motif according to your wishes.

Individual motives

Potrefená Husa

We have for a long time been cooperating with the Potrefená Husa restaurant chain, where we regularly install floor coverings, either as part of the reconstruction of existing premises or, for example, moving to new ones.

In cooperation with the investor, we always choose the ideal solution for all types of spaces located in these facilities, and we guarantee that it will withstand the demands placed on them long-term without visible damage.

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Interesting possibilities are also offered by various carved shapes or the laying of differently coloured parts within one space.

We do not have to limit ourselves to the above-mentioned vinyl, design games can also be realised, for example, with PVC rolls, rubber, contract carpets or woven vinyl. You can freely combine complementary (similar) or contrasting colours, depending on the final effect you want to achieve.

Design screeds in restaurants

The clean lines and simple beauty of cement screeds are a convincing argument for their application in restaurant facilities, whether it is classic restaurants or cafes, patisseries, bars and more.

Architects like to use the design formability of floor and visual screeds in their projects.

We offer materials that can be applied to the floor, walls, bar counter and other furniture, we can mix individual colours to order, make a smooth and shiny surface as well as a rougher anti-slip one.