Material of the future

Thanks to its properties, woven vinyl is a material whose use in the field of interior design is currently on the rise. It is suitable for floors and other surfaces in residential projects, but also in high traffic commercial spaces such as offices, hotel rooms, shops, museums, shopping centres and more.

What is woven vinyl?

It is actually a highly durable polyester fibre covered with a layer of PVC, which is flatly woven into various patterns. Fitnice woven vinyl is available in the following formats:

• Rolls

• Square

• Rectangular

• Diamond

• Equilateral triangle

• Isosceles triangle

• Hexagon

These shapes can then be laid into mosaics creating a variety of patterns. Thanks to this and a large selection of colours and types of surfaces, the design possibilities of flooring and wall coverings made of woven vinyl are almost unlimited.

Appreciated properties of woven vinyl


Woven vinyl flooring (or other surfaces) boast high resistance to abrasion and wear, and can be installed in busy or otherwise high traffic commercial spaces.

Slip resistance

Thanks to the structured surface, woven vinyl is naturally non-slip, it can also be installed in places where walking on a wet surface is expected, such as outdoor terraces or pool areas.

Unobtrusive design

The simple but interesting aesthetics of woven vinyl surfaces can be used in addition to traditional and modern materials, offers a wide range of structures and colours, in addition, various shapes can be laid into mosaics, or a company logo or any emblem, for example, can be cut / inserted into the flooring.

Easy to maintain

The surface structure is articulated, but the tightly woven fibres do not let liquid or other impurities through. It is enough to vacuum or wipe woven vinyl floors regularly with warm water with common cleaning agents.

Walking comfort

It is a pleasant to the touch and suitable for walking on barefoot material, which in comparison with other floor coverings is relatively warm with a soft tread.

The Spanish company Vertisol has more than 30 years of experience in the production of woven vinyl and supplies products intended for installation on the floor, on walls and also woven vinyl for upholstering furniture.

Fitnice floor

6 collections of colour-coded woven vinyl that makes it possible to combine the same and contrasting shades when installed on the floor and walls. We also offer a special type of vinyl certified for maritime use by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) for yachts, ferries and ships, but also oil rigs.

Fitnice Wall

3 collections of woven vinyl designed either for direct installation on walls or for the production of wall panels, which work well as an acoustic solution in areas where it is necessary to work within acoustic parameters. It is possible to combine them with Fitnice Floor so that the floor and walls appropriately match.

Fitnice Rugs

We can produce piece rugs from woven vinyl in any dimension and shape on request, you only need to choose the material and possibly also the ends of the edges (type of border). Fitnice rugs are not only suitable for interiors, but especially for outdoor use on terraces, balconies, near the swimming pools, etc.


Covering (upholstering) furniture with woven vinyl has many undeniable advantages thanks to this highly durable material. The product range not only includes many shades with guaranteed colour fastness, but also special Tensiline and Everdry collections, which are IMO certified for use in the ship/marine industry.

Why Fitnice?

It was not a difficult decision. A Spanish family business near Barcelona with many years of experience with woven vinyl... Striving to constantly improve their products and respond to current market needs... A combination of traditional art, design and modern technology... All this convinced us that Vertisol and their woven Fitnice vinyl is exactly the product we want to bring to our customers in the Czech Republic.

Come to our showroom to discover Fitnice woven vinyl with your own eyes and see for yourself that it is the material of the future.