There are currently many options for laying on a floor or applying to a wall in showrooms, shops and various branches. Whether you sand into the section of carpets, rubber or vinyl floors, or even design screeds and concrete floors, you will almost always be choosing from many colours, formats and surfaces.

We can adapt the floors directly to your needs, whether it is individual colours or various carved and inserted shapes, company logos, etc.

Rubber flooring

Rubber is currently one of the most sought-after flooring materials. Architects and designers not only appreciate its natural composition and 100% recyclability, but also the possibility of assembling mosaic floors from different shapes or colours or a choice of several types of surfaces. So what are rubber floors like?

  • pleasantly soft to step on
  • pressure and abrasion resistant
  • improve acoustic insulation
  • applicable to stairs

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Contract carpets

Until recently, contract carpets were the first choice when deciding on the floor covering material for commercial premises. The reason was their reputation for an almost indestructible surface, and also for their relatively easy maintenance.

Of course, these award-winning properties have been retained by the contract carpet even today, only the offer is much wider. What do we have in our assortment in this area?

  • Design contract carpets – designed by leading designers and winning various awards
  • Mosaics from contract carpets – folding different shapes and colours into 3D effects
  • Contract carpets with unique designs – whatever the installation, it's original folding patterns
  • Contract carpets with specially shaped panels – they combine the advantages of carpet panels and the appearance of wall-to-wall carpets

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Screeds are also sought after when it comes to suitable flooring and surfaces for shops and showrooms. Their universal use (suitable for various styles, from rustic to classic to industrial) and the ability to mix almost any shade are a great attraction for all who desire the maximum adaptation of an interior to their own ideas.

Other advantages of cement screeds:

  • application is not only possible on floors, but also on walls, stairs and other solid surfaces
  • a thin layer of a few millimetres is enough
  • to create seamless surfaces
  • the resulting surface is always unique thanks to the proportion of handwork

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Vinyl/PVC floors

Classic vinyl or PVC flooring is a very popular floor covering for commercial buildings, including shops and showrooms. Their popularity is primarily due to the excellent price/performance ratio, the inexhaustible selection of patterns and colours and easy maintenance, or replacement of damaged parts.

5 reasons why to choose vinyl as a flooring material for shops and showrooms:

  1. You can choose between PVC rolls for full-area installation, or vinyl panels, with which you can create various patterns and mosaics on the floor.
  2. Vinyl floors meet the highest traffic classes and have a long service life.
  3. Their maintenance is as simple and easy as can be.
  4. There is also self-laying flooring (SimpLay) without the need for gluing to the substrate, which is installed very quickly.
  5. Any local damage can easily be solved by replacing a specific part.

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