Rugs for balconies and terraces

Carpets and rugs that withstand wind, rain and sun form their own category of so-called outdoor carpets - they are made of durable materials to clean and maintain well, some of them also have a special anti-dirt treatment that repels dirt.

You can choose from singlecolored and patterned outdoor rugs, wall-to-wall carpets... it only depends on you what your idea is and what you want to achieve with this floor covering in the given space.

Call us and ask for a presentation of specific samples of outdoor rugs in our showroom.

If you are interested in this range, we also recommend an article about outdoor rugs on our blog, where you will find additional information and photos of our carpets on balconies, terraces and other outdoor spaces.  

Woven vinyl rugs

Woven vinyl is a perfect material for outdoor use - the combination of vinyl and polyester (PVC + PES) creates a highly durable floor covering, which is ideal for outdoor areas.

We make customized rugs with individual dimensions according to your requirements, you can also choose the type and width of the border - for example, whether you want it in the same or similar color or in contrast tone.

If you want a durable carpet for the terrace, which you will not have to hide in rainy days, a rug from woven vinyl is simply the best solution. Just choose the type of woven vinyl - different products have different structures, they are available in different colors and shades ... Of course, we will be happy to advise you in our showroom with all the technical details for the individual products.

An article with more woven vinyl and outdoor carpets/rugs info can be found here.

Woven vinyl in our catalog

Design screeds in exterior

Another category that can be used outdoors without any problems is our cement screeds and decorative coatings.

These materials do not mind the weather or temperature fluctuations, so you can easily turn your terrace, area around the pool or house facade completely according your own imagination. We usually adapt the color of our screeds and coatings to the customer's wishes - it is possible to mix different colors and change their intensity so that the result corresponds as closely as possible to the investor's ideas.

The final surface is always original and unrepeatable, thanks to the high proportion of handwork.

Decorative coatings 

Current design trends work often with the effects of rusty / oxidized metals - if you want to avoid the use of real steel plates, the combination of our screed and the appropriate decorative coating is an excellent solution.

Decorative coatings from the Oxydecor series (Oxyrust, Oxyzinc and Oxycopper) can faithfully resemble a specific material with its appearance and touch.

All Oxydecor effects can be applied to concrete, plasterboard, wood, plastic or plaster, but in some cases it is necessary to first apply a suitable primer.

Classic terrazzo

Cast floors made of a mixture of cement, crushed stone and dyes are just as usable indoors as they are outdoors. Here, too, the possibilities of individual customization according to the investor's wishes are wide - the colors of the stones and the binder itself can be freely combined.

We can also insert various decorative dividing bars or create ornaments in the floor.

Terrazzo floors are an old-fashioned classic that can be made in a modern way - the high durability and easy maintenance of this material is a guarantee that the floors will last beautiful for a long time without you investing in demanding maintenance or other modifications.