Versatile surface for every space

Today, carpets are seen in every type of interior and also outside. New materials and technologies make it possible to cope with any functional use and withstand any load while also being capable of meeting high demands for aesthetic quality. From formal halls in private residences to offices, hotel staircases and outdoor sports grounds – each and every day carpets everywhere demonstrate that they are the most versatile flooring.

Underline your personality

Luxury rugs made of the highest quality natural materials are not only a decorative addition to an interior. Individual shapes and demanding workmanship can suitably highlight the personality of the space and its owner.

High durability and original design

Contract carpets no longer mean boring carpets. Today, these carpets meet even the strictest requirements for durability and, thanks to digital printing, they literally shine in every colour. Some have even won prestigious design awards.

Elegance and comfort on the terrace or by the pool

You will also appreciate the benefits of carpets outside: by the swimming pool, on the terrace or balcony or in the front garden. In addition to functional parameters, you can choose from various shades and patterns.

Made-to-measure design carpets

It is possible for both tufted and woven carpets to be made-to-measure, from natural or synthetic fibres in any colour, pattern, corporate theme, your own graphic design and surface as desired.

What’s so good about carpet?

This traditional flooring has remained popular for several millennia thanks to its indisputable qualities. And with new available technologies, it today boasts additional unique properties that other materials can hardly compete with.


Improved acoustics and thermal insulation

Carpets naturally absorb sound waves, and with an appropriate underlay this ability is further enhanced. They also have excellent thermal insulation properties and evoke a warm feeling from the interior at first sight.


More room for your ideas

No other flooring material offers so many combinations of patterns, materials and colours. Architects and designers have a unique design element available to them for creating atmosphere in any type of interior.


Improved safety, easier maintenance

The soft surface mitigates the risks associated with falling and is also much easier to maintain than hard floors. Investing in carpet flooring will pay off economically, even for large companies with heavy traffic.

Do you prefer seagrass or recycled fishing nets?

Traditional sheep’s wool, silk, but also increasingly popular sisal, banana fibre and seagrass: the offer of natural materials is continuously expanding with new and interesting options. Synthetic fibres are also changing, as ever more companies are taking a greater interest in a responsible environmental approach. Our current offer thereby now additionally includes a special line of nylon carpets made from recycled fishing nets. Find out for yourselves

Rugs for outdoor areas

Carpets and rugs can also be installed in areas that are unprotected from normal weather conditions, such as the sun, rain, etc ... However, it is necessary to choose from the category of outdoor carpets that can easily withstand these conditions and the outdoor environment of terraces, balconies and pergolas will not effect them. 

Outdoor rugs

Choose from a variety of formats

Wall-to-wall carpets

Suitable for every type of space requiring full wall-to-wall floor covering. They are produced in rolls, typically up to 5 metres wide, featuring various techniques in both natural and synthetic fibres.

Carpet tiles

Suitable for high-load areas. Alternating colours and patterns can optically divide a large area, or you can use the tiling effect for a more distinctive interior design.


Designed for partial floor covering. Their primary purpose is their decorative effect, creating a visual focal point in a defined area. They also help make spaces more cosy.


A variant of a rug with a longitudinal shape. They are suitable for covering corridors and staircases and are comprised of both natural fibres (wool, sisal or coir) and synthetic fibres.


Surprise with something original

We will be happy to customise your carpet to meet your requirements. We can handle formatting in complex shapes based on your template or design, and we can arrange printing with individualised themes. You can have your own pattern woven or dye your carpet in your favourite colour shade. Today’s technologies additionally enable some individual adjustments for orders starting at 100 square metres.

Individual design