Event textiles are a special category of the walls-and-floors (flooring and surfaces) assortment – it is a material designed for installation at one-time events, which corresponds to the price/performance ratio. Here you will find materials suitable for various purposes, from red carpets for film premiers through the decoration of trade fair and exhibition stands to decorative fabrics for fashion shows and gala evenings.

What do we have in our product range?

Under the words "event textiles" lies the offer of carpets and decorative and upholstery fabrics for one-off occasions such as exhibitions, fairs, weddings, celebrations, fashion shows and other events.

Carpets & runners

Wall-to-wall and piece carpets, including runners, are a traditionally sought-after assortment for trade fairs, exhibitions, weddings, celebrations and other social events, where the floor covering is to solely be used for a predetermined duration of the event. Classic carpets are not very suitable in this case, so disposable fabrics enter the scene, which fulfil their purpose perfectly and, in addition, cost a fraction of the price.

Decorative fabrics

Decorative fabrics are primarily used in one-off events as curtains, garlands, dividing walls, etc. They can especially be used at exhibitions, premiers, fashion shows, concerts, in music halls, cinemas, banquets, receptions, gala evenings, celebrations, weddings, etc. In addition to a wide range of colours and patterns, we offer a custom design from 1 roll.

Furniture textiles

With our upholstery materials primarily intended for events and other one-off occasions, we can support the atmosphere of the entire event so that it is unique and unforgettable. Upholstery fabrics are suitable for covering a variety of surfaces – walls, ceilings, furniture, organic shapes, etc. Some of them also have acoustic benefits and dampen and absorb sound.

Carpets for exhibitions

For the purposes of exhibitions, fairs and various expositions, we offer special carpets not only suitable as decorations, but also for advertising and promotional purposes. We can print a logo or any other motif on them, and if you don’t find anything in the standard product range, we also offer the option of individual colours.

Wedding decoration

One’s wedding day is a unique day for most of us, and no matter what style you have chosen (romantic, rustic, boho...), we can add the finishing touches with the help of our wedding carpets and decorative and upholstery fabrics. White, red, gold and silver treads are most often used, but we can make you almost any carpet based on your ideas. Everything can be harmonised so that the floor coverings and other decorations are in the same spirit.

Decorations for festive occasions

There are many occasions when it is necessary to ceremoniously decorate spaces in the interior or exterior. You could be organising a fashion show or birthday party, preparing a banquet for business friends or a celebration for your parents' anniversary, or perhaps you wish to organise a thematic conference. In addition to all this, it is suitable to decorate the spaces appropriately and provide them with decorations that can enhance the overall impression of the event.

This category also includes the classic "red carpets" frequently used at premiers, gala evenings and even at weddings.