Functional materials in the "walls and floors" field represent all materials that have some acoustic or other benefits. It can be acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, a shapeable acoustic composite, or even classic underlays for floors, which of course provide some acoustic benefit as well.

If you feel that it is difficult to hear in a room or the sound is reflected and creates an unpleasant echo, the installation of acoustic materials is the right solution.

Acoustic panels for walls

These are panels that are installed on walls or ceilings, mainly in commercial premises, where it is necessary to address acoustic parameters. In our offer you will find Lessen panels from the Spanish manufacturer Vertisol, with whom we have a long-term cooperation. The panels can have different shapes and the upholstery fabrics different colours, so the final effect depends purely on the imagination of the respective designer.

Shapeable acoustic materials

Another possibility is felt or composite felt materials, which have the advantage that they can be shaped. Our acoustic solutions made of pure wool or composite (composed of several different materials) can take various forms and be bent to create shapes as needed. The Silentum product from the Austrian manufacturer Lehner is a wool material, while Lanisor from Filzfabrik Fulda is a composite.

Underlays for floors

Floor underlays can also help solve acoustic problems. There are underlays for carpets and underlays for different types of smooth flooring, with different acoustic benefits depending on what material will be laid on them. We offer for instance Egalsoft underlays or Floorfixx systems.

Do I really need acoustic material?

Thanks to the word "acoustic", the use of these materials is quite clear – they are used wherever it is necessary to solve sound parameters, room acoustics in some way, for example, in conference halls, meeting rooms, theatres, cinemas, clubs, but also in ordinary offices. There can be a disturbing level of noise and bustle there, which spreads in similar areas. The installation of acoustic materials in the room will thus guarantee better work with sound waves than would be the case in a bare room without absorbing elements.