Starting out in the factory for the largest rug

Almost the entire world once knew the Czechoslovak textile industry. And some chapters from its history still amaze to this day. For example, the story of the Ginzkey family, which in its time made the largest one-piece rug in the world for the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York.

And it was in their factory, which, after nationalisation continued under the new Bytex brand, that the story of our Company began more than thirty years ago. Its future founder often returned there to work as an employee of the foreign trade company Centrotex, and later as a student at the University of Economics writing a dissertation on carpets. And in her short time there, she also definitely succumbed to the magic of the textile craft.

To the world and back again

The year 1989 brought fundamental changes to the textile industry. Some factories started exporting their goods on their own, and a number of new export companies were established. After leaving Centrotex, Jitka Roubíčková spent time in several of them, only to decide to try and run her own business in 1991.

The new company, Bohemian Carpets, was located in Prague's Žižkov and it was time to go out into the world, visiting fairs with Czech hand-knotted carpets and trading with Arab and Japanese clients with alternating success.

Quality orientation

Many factories did not last long on the open market due to outdated technologies, closing their gates one by one. The young company soon had nothing to sell. Therefore, in 1994, we first took over the representation of the French company Balsan, and after two years, we established cooperation with other carefully selected manufacturers and built a new range corresponding to our ideas of first-class quality. And we haven't reduced the high demands on the brands in our portfolio since then.

I always feel that everything can be even better. We try to be in the picture with everything new and we purposefully look for materials that we like.

Jitka Roubíčková
founder and CEO

Expanding the range

Our personal relationships with manufacturers continued to develop successfully and we naturally began to add more products to the carpets.

Today we cooperate with almost thirty foreign suppliers and in our assortment you will find, in addition to various types of carpets, also wooden and concrete flooring, design screeds, woven vinyl, rubber and vinyl flooring and other indoor and outdoor floor coverings.


Everything you need for a perfect result

 Our flooring and surfaces often have to withstand extreme conditions, whether in the operating room of a large hospital or in a tropical resort in the Maldives. That's why we still go to factories and talk to manufacturers about new technologies. Architects and designers have new information from us almost first hand and do not have to laboriously find out the technical details of the products.

We have also gradually added services for demanding clients to our range of materials. Under one roof you will not only find an extensive product portfolio, but also complete service. 

  • Do you have an idea for an original motif or shape? 
  • Do you want a carpet in a shade that is not normally on offer? 
  • Do you need to consult us about your idea? 

Let us know, we will be happy to help you.

Our services

New showroom and warehouse

Although we have experienced a few moves, we have never left our home district. The current showroom with a size of almost 500 m2 can be found on the southernmost edge of Prague's Žižkov, in Atrium Flora. In 2019, a large warehouse was added with facilities for carpet finishing and an issuing office in Hostivař, Prague.

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Cooperation with architects and investors

We are happy to be a part of your projects and contribute our work to their success. We offer professional consultations and we will also be happy to introduce you to the product range of our materials. You can personally "touch" the samples in the showroom, but also borrow and test them directly in the space which they are intended for. Let us know how we can help you. We look forward to our mutual cooperation.

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