Do you need an aesthetically perfect surface without joints and with almost unlimited possibilities of adapting it to the rest of the interior or exterior? Our cement coatings are the ideal solution for you. Choose from a variety of colours, shade intensities and special effects created by reactive dyes – unleash your imagination and create a unique element within your space.

What exactly is cement screed?

In the case of design cement screeds, it is not common cement, as we all know it, but a specially refined variant mixed with liquid polymers, thanks to which this material has completely unique properties. It is highly adhesive, durable and slightly elastic.

Our experience

Nowadays, very modern screeds (often replacing exposed concrete) are nothing new for us - whether it is Microtopping, Microverlay, Oxyrust or other types, we have been applying them for almost 10 years and during that time we have a clear idea of ​​what each material can do. and where it is best applied. We will always select the best design screed for a specific project so that the resulting surface is not only beautiful to look at, but also functional. Our goal is to combine the demands of appearance with practicality as perfectly as possible.


Reasons to choose screeds in your project:

Thin layer

With a screed thickness of only 2-3 mm, we can renovate various existing surfaces – concrete, wood, paving, etc., without the need to remove them.

No unnecessary joints

Ideal for use in bathrooms or terraces and swimming pools – thanks to the absence of joints, cement screed surfaces are easy to maintain and dirt does not accumulate anywhere.

Thousands of variants

By combining basic colours with reactive dyes, you can achieve an almost infinite number of possible variants through the choice of intensity and various effects (matte, glossy...).

Always original

The application of the screed is a handmade process, and even though we always adapt the final work to the taste and needs of the customer, it is always a unique original.

Where do design screeds fit?

They are far from only being intended for hypermodern spaces, as it might seem at first glance. Thanks to a high degree of customisation (adaptation to the customer's needs), this material is not only highly compatible with the austere industrial style, but also looks great in combination with rustic furniture or vintage accessories. Sensitive incorporation between traditional materials, such as wood, stone or metal, can create very interesting interiors with a touch of the modernity and current trends.