Mazzonetto wood flooring from our Italian supplier is not only characterised by its high resistance, but also by a large selection of surfaces, colours and structures, all made exclusively from European woods (acacia, oak, walnut and cherry), with strict environmental standards. State of the art machinery is used for processing the wood in combination with hand processing, which gives the flooring an air of originality and diversity.

Individual types of floors are divided into several collections according to patterns and other specifications. The collections change regularly to reflect not only the age-old craftsmanship passed on from the father to son within the family business, but also the trends of modern times.

Wish for it all

We can maximally adapt our wood flooring to your requirements – you can select the material, the dimensions of the plank, the type of surface as well as the colour. Choose from different surfaces (sandblasted, sawn, brushed, aged, hand planed…) with many colour variants. Everything can be designed and assembled so that the flooring perfectly matches the interior it is intended for.

Some collections even work with stacking different woods together, which can be used for both floors and wall coverings.We can also line any existing stairs or entire staircases with your chosen wood.

Modern and classic patterns

Mazzonetto wood flooring is produced as two-layer. You can select classic planks in several lengths and widths, or parquets laid in a modern French or classic herringbone pattern, or it is also possible to ass emble your flooring from various more complex mosaics. Wooden mosaic floors are a chapter unto themselves, and you can learn more about them here.

Collection of wooden wall coatings

For wall tiling, we offer a special collection of tiles, or of course it is possible to install the same material on the wall as on the floor - we used this procedure, for example, in our offices and meeting rooms, where the wooden floor is stretched to the entire wall to the ceiling.


Mazzonetto is an Italian family business that has devoted itself to wood with care and love passed down from generation to generation. Wood harvesting and its subsequent processing are subject to strict European standards and regulations, environmental friendliness is not an empty concept here.