Combine colours and materials to your liking

Leave the solution of the technical details to us

Let us know whenever you need help


Consultation of ideas and fine-tuning of concepts

We are used to working with open assignments. Come and present your idea to us. Send us a sketch or mood board and we will find materials that correspond to the intention and, together, we will fine-tune your material concept.


Selected company of proven suppliers

Are you short on time to look for the necessary information, but need the certainty that you have made the right choice? We will consult which material is suitable for the intended purpose and we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the material with you. We know most suppliers personally, and we will immediately verify the parameters and provide you with the necessary certificates.


Expert on the phone, calculations express by e-mail

When deadlines are approaching, every minute is costly. Do you really need important information about a product? Call our expert, who will be happy to accommodate you in urgent cases. Do you need a calculation fast? For regular orders, if we have all the documents, we usually deliver within 24 hours.


Space for your experiments and decisions

Don't limit yourself during designing. We are constantly adding new materials to our carefully assembled range so we can respond flexibly to your wishes and the ideas of your clients. Request catalogues, and combine as you wish. We are available for you.


Alternatives for every budget

We get that every project has limitations. We try to make sure that you have to sacrifice as little as possible from your ideas, especially where surfaces form the basis of the interior atmosphere. We choose from an extensive portfolio of manufacturers and we can offer variants that meet your budget and quality requirements.


Showroom fully at your disposal

Choose with all your senses. See what the actual shade of the selected material is in daylight. Try to touch different surfaces, or take a walk along several variants of the new floor. Make an appointment in our showroom in Prague's Flora. We welcome you.  

On-line catalogue

You will find all the products nicely together in our online catalog. Choose by type, material, colour or use.


Assistance with specifications, supervision of implementation

We have an excellent grasp of bills of quantities and material specifications. We know the pitfalls of big projects. We will help you improve the acoustic parameters of the design, increase fire safety or the lifetime of the interior. We also monitor the quality of materials and installation.


Meeting at the client or wherever you would like

We will meet you where it suits you best. At an informal meeting at your studio, during a debate about your client's design, over samples and coffee at our showroom, or at one of our finished realisations.

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