With Italian charm

Since its foundation, the family company Pointex has specialised in decorative fabrics suitable for single or occasional use. 

Design materials from its production are primarily used at exhibitions, fairs, conferences, fashion shows, weddings and various social events. Decorative fabrics can be used as carpets and runners, as coverings for walls, furniture and other organic shapes, for partitions, curtains, drapes and more.

Among designers and architects, products with the Italian brand are especially popular due to their wide application and rich range of colours and structures. Durability is also highly valued, which allows them to be used for outdoor installation as well.

Carpets & runners

For occasional and short-term events or places where more frequent carpet replacement is required – trade fairs, exhibition stands, cinemas, theatres, discos, clubs, fashion shows, animal competitions, concerts, gala evenings, premiers, banquets and more. There is a wide range of colours and textures to choose from.

Upholstery and decorative fabrics

Suitable for covering walls, ceilings, furniture or as decorative fabrics, curtains, garlands, partitions, etc. They can especially be used at exhibitions, premiers, fashion shows, concerts, in music halls, cinemas, banquets, receptions, gala evenings, celebrations, weddings, etc.

Materials for festive occasions

Carpets, runners and upholstery and decorative fabrics designed for festive occasions such as weddings, anniversary celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and more. In the product range, you will find a wide range of elegant designs especially suited for the exceptional atmosphere of festive events.

Theatres, cinemas, clubs

Contents and shows

Exhibitions and trade fairs

Social events

Weddings and garden parties


Custom colour and printing from one roll

You can have carpets and other fabrics made according to your wishes in various shades and surface structures from a single roll.

A great advantage of material intended mostly for single use is also a very favourable price-quality ratio.

Advantages of Pointex materials:

  • wide range of uses – floors, walls, furniture upholstery, decorative and dividing walls, curtains, etc.
  • A wide selection of colours and textures
  • Custom colour and design from one roll
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • durable material, also suitable for outdoor installation

Popular Pointex products



Designed for covering floors, walls, organic shapes, furniture upholstery, decorating, production of curtains and drapes. It has a glamorous look achieved by a glittering structure formed by small glitter. Thanks to this, the fabric is especially suitable for festive events.


Popular upholstery and decorative fabric designed for decorating and covering walls, organic shapes, furniture upholstery, space decoration, etc. It has a fine metallic structure with a luxurious look. 12 SHADES AVAILABLE.


Wedding fabric for covering floors. On request, it is possible to produce upholstery and decorative fabric (without backing) in the same design. It is suitable for decorating a space and covering walls, furniture, production of curtains, tablecloths, etc.


Highly malleable design material suitable for the production of carpets or runners used for one-off or occasional events. On request, it is possible to produce upholstery and decorative fabric in the same design.

Our services

We offer most services related to floor coverings and surfaces for one-time events. We will be happy to discuss your ideas with you and help with their implementation.

Coating of any shape

With our materials you can dare to try any shape. We can cover floors, walls and are not afraid of organic shapes, furniture upholstery or decorating any space.

Application customisation

We have sufficient facilities and a team of experienced professionals for the implementation of large orders. We will be happy to adjust the selected materials to your needs.