Factory of ideas

Working at BOCA is interesting, varied and will probably never be monotonous. This is due to projects where BOCA becomes a creative partner and subsequently an implementation partner of architects, investors and designers. It is necessary to provide our clients with very fast cooperation, to be able to competently advise, or to find out the necessary information about the material very quickly. Sometimes it's a race with the wind, other times running against it, but when you get used to working in rhythm, it's a joy. Every day you need to come up with a number of short-cuts, procedures or alternatives And we try to encourage it to be more of a game in the team environment, rather than stress.

"I joined the BOCA team from the state administration. It was hard at first, but when you learn to communicate and collaborate, everything goes smoothly. The same applies at our company.”
Josef Troller, Web Content Administrator

A cultivating environment

The bright showroom in which the Company is located or the generous warehouse and production facilities are an inspiring and stable background. We work on clients' projects, where they build a new, imaginative environment. What we seek is the intersection of atmosphere, functionality, sustainability and we strive for the ideal of function and beauty. It is inspiring and during that time we have noticed that the environment is being refined.

Mrs Roubíčková is the personification of the sophistication represented by BOCA, but which our clients primarily strive for in their architectural projects. It's inspiring for the whole team.
Aneta Horčičková, Office Manager

Caring for the family silver

Working in a family business and a small team is relatively personal, even when it comes to work. Each of us contributes to the atmosphere, culture and quality of cooperation. The rhythm and level of cooperation are looked after by the founders, Mr and Mrs Roubíček. They actively manage the Company and solve all projects with the whole team on a daily basis. In particular, Mrs Roubíčková firmly holds the quality of service in her hands. She is capable of filling any of the positions in the Company and, if necessary, can help find a suitable solution. We simply won’t accept that something isn’t possible.

Working in a family business is like taking care of the family silver. We take care of it together and rejoice in it together.

Swimming against the current

In today's trend of open working hours and working from home, when working hours are flexible but also often endless, the BOCA team swims a bit against the current. With us, you can rely on your working hours, free weekends and holidays without phone calls. The founders pay attention to this and give the team a well-deserved break from intensive work.

Thanks to that, there are probably plenty of mothers with children in the BOCA team who can handle both. They employ their talent for multitasking and, at the same time, combine work with family. Although men are the minority, they are all the better cared for :).

"After finishing maternity leave, the time criterion was important to me. I was looking for something I could organise my way. And here it works. Reliably.”
Alena Klaudová, PR/Marketing

Join the BOCA team

We currently have no vacancies. However, if you are still interested in working in our team and you think that your experience and approach could be beneficial, please send your CV to hr@bocapraha.cz.