The most common type of floor covering that is installed in hotels is undoubtedly carpet. The reason is obvious – so-called "hotel carpets" have a lot of positives, which are great in the accommodation field:  

  • Carpets provide high walking comfort and are pleasantly soft to step on.
  • Thanks to their parameters, carpets also increase acoustic comfort in rooms or hotel corridors.
  • They can be provided with an underlay, which further enhances all the above properties and, in addition, guarantees a longer life for the carpet.
  • Carpets can be made with individual motifs and in non-standard colours at the customer's request.

Rugs for hotels

Although the most common type of carpet installation in hotels is the so-called wall-to-wall laying, i.e., carpet from wall-to-wall, rugs can also be used here. They work great as a highlight of certain zones, and in combination with hard floors (concrete, screeds, vinyl) they look best.

Wool hotel carpets

Natural wool carpets are a very popular item in hotels. Wool has natural properties that are easy to use in hotel spaces – whether it is resistance to dirt or excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. At the same time, wool carpets are valued as a pleasantly soft floor covering, which is not only applicable in the rooms, but also in corridors and other places when choosing the right traffic class.


Design first

Carpets for representative hotel spaces must, of course, also meet considerable design requirements. In our collection of carpets you will also find those that have won design awards (for example, carpets from the RugXstyle collection awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design). If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our product range, we can, in cooperation with you, create a pattern according to your wishes and have it woven or printed.

Cement screed and contract carpet

The combination of a smooth cement screed and a contract carpet, for example, proved to be the best choice for the premises of the ***** Urban Creme Na Poříčí Hotel. While a grey contract carpet is installed in the rooms themselves, a cement screed has been applied to the corridors in a grey-blue shade mixed to the extent of the colour chosen by the architect for the hotel's interiors.

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Hotel carpets with a high load

The reconstruction of the andel's design hotel in Prague's Anděl required the installation of 3,400 square meters of carpets in rooms and apartments on three floors. At the same time, we have installed underlays for carpets everywhere in order to increase walking comfort and extend the expected life of laid carpets.

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Cement coatings and screeds

Cement screeds imitating exposed concrete are currently a very popular material. Their popularity is given not only by the high degree of possible adaptation (there are a large number of colours and shades and various types of surfaces – smooth, non-slip, glossy, etc.), but also by the fact that the space with this design screed is very stylish, design clean and surprisingly easy to combine with different styles.     

Vinyl flooring for hotels

Vinyl or PVC is also a good choice for hotel spaces – the current offer of patterns and formats allows you to maximally adapt interior flooring, whether it should be the dominant element or rather let other parts of it stand out. The benefit of vinyl flooring suitable for a hotel is undoubtedly easy maintenance and the associated long life. Vinyl parts and PVC in rolls are usually highly durable, which can primarily be used in common areas, such as receptions, lobbies, dining rooms, and more.   

Woven vinyl for flooring and walls

If you opt for "trendy" woven vinyl material, you don't have to limit your requirements to the floor. Woven vinyl is also very well used on walls, not only as an aesthetic element, but also for reasons of improving acoustic parameters in the room. More detailed information about woven vinyl for walls can be found right here.