date: 07/15/2022

Woven carpet tiles TEXRA from the manufacturer Anker are a novelty that catches the eye at first sight - with its unconventional design with a drawn organic-geometric structure. Various patterns and colors allow architects and designers to let their imaginations run wild and play with the possible arrangement and combination of individual tiles, whether within a single room or an entire office complex.

The quality of the TEXRA tiles design is also shown by the recently won Red Dot Awards 2022.

The relief design with optical depth is created by a thoughtful combination of colored material and a black background, where the warp threads are intertwined with the weft material in a special way that creates a dynamic loop effect and invisible seams at the same time.

The result is design and functionality in perfect symbiosis.

The material of TEXRA carpet tiles is 100% recyclable Econyl yarn, which is produced by the solution dyed process (dyeing in the mass, where the pigment is mixed directly into the melted polymer of the synthetic fiber), which guarantees long-term colorfastness and exceptional durability.

Of course, with carpets, as with all floor coverings, it's never just about design - TEXRA contract carpet tiles meet resistance class 33, meaning they can easily withstand traffic in highly frequented commercial areas.

As always, samples and other information are available in our showroom, just call and make an appointment with one of our experts.

TEXRA carpet tiles in catalog