date: 08/20/2023

The Dutch company Best Wool Carpets has been manufacturing and distributing natural wool carpets worldwide continuously since 1982. They specialise in high quality wool and use this material to produce carpets (both wall-to-wall and rugs with bespoke dimensions) that are amongst the highest quality in our range.

The professional production of quality carpets requires skilled craftsmen who know the material and production technology perfectly and work with attention to detail.

BWC wool carpets in online catalog

Best Wool Carpets also employs in-house designers who design the patterns and textures of wool carpets to be as fashionable as possible and to last for years in a given interior. Timelessness while blending in with trends is a challenging mission, but one that the company seems to be succeeding in fulfilling.

Suitable for almost any interior, wool carpets are a natural material with many unique properties.

Benefits of wool carpets:

  • Wool is a natural material, sustainable and biodegradable. It is a renewable fibre, which is a big advantage compared to synthetic materials.
  • It traps dust that normally accumulates on the floor and swirls as you move around the room. Wool carpets prevent this by trapping the dust until it is vacuumed.
  • It is a non-flammable material and will not melt or stick to the body like many common synthetic materials.
  • It repels dirt and water and is easy to maintain. The wool fibre has a natural protective surface structure that makes it difficult for moisture and dirt to penetrate.
  • Wool is very durable and naturally flexible. This allows it to return to its original shape when stretched, bent or wrinkled.
  • Wool carpets improve room acoustics, absorbing unwanted noise 10 times better than hard floors.

Best Wool Carpets range 

It is divided into several collections, which differ in their focus:

Nature - traditional wool carpets made of European undyed wool, are the most eco-friendly, with minimalist design and very tasteful

Pure - carpets made of the finest New Zealand wool, luxurious and modern at the same time, best suited for creating a comfortable atmosphere in the interior

Royal - the highest level of luxury wool carpets in twelve variations of white, a collection ideal for luxury living rooms, bedrooms or yachts

Hospitality - a collection of rugs with bespoke designs, tailored to individual customer requirements

Monasch rugs

The Monasch collection is also very popular - it is a luxury brand for mainly rugs in various colours, shapes and sizes (usually up to 400 cm in length). It is also possible to choose the edges finishing. In addition, the rugs from this collection have unusual names such as Bad Hair Day, Laurel and Hardy or Fat Cat.

If you want to come and see Best Wool Carpets range on your own eyes, make an appointment at our BOCA showroom where we will be happy to show you samples of all the carpets and help you with the the selection.