One of the recent trends is smooth floors (cement screeds, wood or rubber, for example) and, as an additional covering, rugs. They are only installed where you want to complete the space with a touch of emotionally warmer material, or in places that you want to highlight for some reason.

Where are rugs suitable?

Typical areas where rugs are most often used are as follows:

  • various relaxation zones

  • places intended for rest and sitting
  • hotel rooms and lobbies
  • entrance areas of companies, or entire office buildings

Various rug shapes

Rugs do not have to be limited to traditional rectangular (rectangle and square) and round (circle) shapes, they can be much more diverse. Our possibilities are almost, without exaggeration, unlimited – get inspired, for example, by the pictures below or come to us to present your idea and together we will take it from design to implementation.

Colours, patterns and materials

Rugs as well as wall-to-wall carpets can shine with all the colours – from brightly coloured patterns to embossed patterns, created with different pile heights or, for example, a contrast of cuts and loops. The choice of colours and patterns is endless; we can make a rug from almost every material from the offer of wall-to-wall carpets.

The materials are similarly diverse – some prefer easier maintenance of new synthetic fibres, others prefer to buy a rug from purely natural materials (wool, linen, sisal...). Of course, we offer something for everyone, or carpets can be made from combinations of several materials to balance the best properties of each material.

Rugs directly from the designer

Rugs can also have a design created directly by some well-known design studio, with which the manufacturer decides to work on a specific collection. A typical example is the RugXstyle rugs from Object Carpet – this collection with 6 different patterns, each in 2 colours, won the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design.

The international expert jury of the Red Dot Award not only appreciated the quality design, but also the overall innovative contribution of these RugXstyle rugs.

Jigsaw puzzle upon request

The brand Felice has come up with a completely innovative approach – hand-woven modules that can be assembled into any combination. The material is pure wool, the modules can have different dimensions, colours and edges. In this case, traditional craftsmanship is combined with a modern flexible approach, where everyone can find a solution tailored to a specific space. Freedom in interior design is therefore maximum with Felice – there are no limits to individuality.


Rug edges

There are not many rugs that don’t need to have their edges modified, even though you can find examples of those with us. But most would fray without modification, so it is necessary to end the edges in some way. There are several options:

  • folding to the reverse side
  • overlocking
  • bordering

When folded to the reverse side, the edges are only shaved and folded into the reverse side. Overlocking can be performed with different materials and colours of yarn. Bordering means edging and hemming a rug with a selected border – these can be made of various materials (linen, cotton, woven vinyl...), variously wide, monochrome or with a pattern.

We make all these modifications internally in our own workshop.