date: 04/28/2023

Currently, Jacaranda produces approximately 130,000 square metres of carpets per year and exports products to 40 countries around the world. It is also the first company to offer luxury handmade carpets in 5-meter rolls, which are better for wall-to-wall installation than conventional 4-meter rolls.

All qualities can also be made as a rug with any dimensions given only by the maximum width of the roll.

Just choose the type of rug/carpet and the way the edges should be finished and we will do the rest.

Jacaranda woven and tufted rugs are handmade from natural fibres - wool and Tencel, which is a brand of lyocell. Wool as a material creates interestingly textured rugs with a variety of surfaces, from smooth luxurious velvets to rougher characteristic buclés. Lyocell fibres, on the other hand, are incredibly soft and lustrous, with a silk-like texture that reflects light beautifully.

What is Tencel? A branded lyocell fibre produced by the Austrian company Lenzing AG from wood exclusively from sustainably grown forests.

Features of Jacaranda luxury carpets:

  • The material is always natural fibre, renewable and biodegradable.
  • The carpets have an insulating function, provide thermal comfort and improve acoustics.
  • Wool yarn is coated with lanolin, making it stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • Lyocell fibre is less sensitive to water than viscose and is also easier to clean.
  • Wool and lyocell carpets are wear-resistant, so they are also suitable for commercial premises.

The top quality of materials and workmanship can be relied on 100% in this case.

Where do Jacaranda handmade rugs fit? Bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms, hallways, staircases... Due to their higher durability, they can also be installed in less frequented offices, showrooms, meeting and presentation rooms, etc.

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