date: 10/28/2023

Carpet tiles are usually expected to do two things - to be as heavy duty as possible and to be easily replaced if they become damaged in any way. This is the absolute basis that all architects and interior designers who come to us with a request for carpet tiles count on.

However, the design itself has become so important that manufacturers are now offering more and more interesting designs and colour palettes.

Design and colors of Modulyss

The Modulyss carpet tiles from the Belgian manufacturer Belysse are divided into several collections, a total of 46 products. Each comes in many different shades, some can have up to 36 colours.

All the tiles are in the same size (50x50 cm), so it is possible to combine individual designs with each other. Tiles in pure uni-colours can easily be complemented with subtle tone-on-tone patterns or more striking contrasting areas can be created by alternating different colours side by side.

Modulyss in online catalog

Properties of Modulyss carpet tiles

  • A wide range of design possibilities - new patterns, textures and concepts are constantly being created to inspire and enable the creative work of interior designers.

  • Sustainable flooring - modern manufacturing technology coupled with a 15-year warranty on these carpet tiles make them the clear eco-friendly choice.

  • All the necessary certificates - these are high-end products that adhere to the most stringent industry standards: LEED, BREEAM, UPEC, FDES, M1, Cradle to Cradle, etc.

  • High load requirements - Modulyss carpet tiles generally meet resistance class 33, which means high load in commercial areas, so they can be installed in areas with high traffic.