Carpet tiles are primarily designed for areas with high traffic, but their advantages can of course be used elsewhere. They are primarily installed in offices, hotels, restaurants, showrooms and other spaces where busy traffic is expected and the parameters of the floor covering need to be adapted accordingly.

Main advantages of carpet tiles:

Fast laying 

Installation of carpet tiles is easier and faster than when working with wall-to-wall material – this means, above all, time savings.

Minimal cut

Thanks to the size of the carpet tiles, the cut and thus the percentage of unused material is reduced to a minimum. The can, therefore, result in cost savings.

Easy to replace

In the event of local irreversible staining or mechanical damage, the affected part is removed and a new one is easily and quickly inserted in its place.

We offer a choice of many shapes

Would you like something more progressive than classic rolls or tiles for the proposed commercial space? No problem – for example, the Danish company Fletco produces carpet tiles in various shapes. Triangles, hexagons, parallelograms, trapezoids and more… Everything is possible. Of course, this opens up great possibilities when laying the floor; shapes and colours can alternate, there are no limits to your imagination.

In the case of carpet tiles, it is possible to combine different colour or pattern variants and, thereby, functionally define a space or optically spice it up it by means of a composition.

High quality backing is important

The carpet squares and panels we offer have a greater total weight and thickness than, for example, their wall-to-wall variant. This is thanks to a special backing, which must be of very high quality – strong enough to prevent damage or protrusion of the edges of individual carpet squares, and at the same time flexible due to the actual work with the carpet.

Fletco LockTiles

LockTiles have specially shaped, laser-cut edges that always fit together, no matter which direction the tiles are positioned in. The result is a homogeneous surface in which the individual joints are not visible. LockTiles squares combine all the advantages of carpet tiles and the appearance of wall-to-wall carpets.

Fletco ZigZag

ZigZag tiles have two jagged edges, thanks to which they fit together perfectly. The connection between them is almost invisible, and in addition, thanks to this technique, it is possible to lay tiles oriented in one direction. The resulting effect of ZigZag tiles is the appearance of a wall-to-wall carpet with all the benefits of carpet tiles.