date: 09/26/2023

Italian rubber flooring Artigo has been in our assortment for a long time and is therefore not a novelty in the true sense of the word. On the contrary, their popularity among our customers is permanent and not subject to trends. Interior designers and architects appreciate not only their excellent utility properties, but also the possibility of working with them creatively - when laying, the pieces can be combined in different colours or can be cut in rolls of different shapes.

Artigo rubber floor in online catalog

Surfaces and colours of rubber floors

There are several different surfaces to choose from - generally between smooth and textured. The texture can take the form of different sized nops, stone relief, or some surfaces can look like hammered.

There is a wide variety of colours and patterns available. Rubber can be solid colours ranging from beige through various rich colours to black. Some types have a grainy or fibrous pattern, which is created by adding a colour infusion to the base colour.

Benefits of Artigo rubber floors

  • They are considered natural floors - they are made from natural and a little bit industrial raw materials, with the addition of natural pigments and mineral fillers.
  • They have extremely high durability.
  • They are easy to clean without the need for waxing, minimising maintenance costs.
  • They meet high hygiene standards.
  • Significantly dampens crotchet sound.
  • They are non-slip.
  • Meet international environmental certifications.
  • They are pleasantly elastic, providing high comfort for walking.
  • They do not contain PVC, PCP, formaldehyde, halogens or heavy metals.
  • They meet the strictest fire resistance regulations.
  • Available in rolls and squares.

Where does rubber flooring fit?

Rubber is a suitable flooring material for many spaces - from offices to libraries, schools and hospitals to private apartments and houses (especially first-republic villas are a project where rubber is often suggested).

There are also anti-static variants of Artigo rubber flooring or the more massive LL squares suitable for laying with the Loose Lay system, the so-called free laying.

All materials from the Artigo collection are available to view in our showroom, just call us and make an appointment to visit us.

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