The surface of rubber flooring can be different – smooth, slip-resistant with different protrusions or reliefs, or it can be treated with varying surface treatments. The largest part of rubber flooring has a clearly smooth surface, so the choice in this category is the widest.

5 reasons to choose Artigo rubber flooring:

  1. It is pleasantly soft and flexible to the tread, with high walking comfort.
  2. It has high resistance to pressure and abrasion, meets load classes 23, 34 and 43.
  3. It has excellent acoustic insulation properties, increases impact soundproofing.
  4. It is a natural and ecological product, in addition it is 100% recyclable.
  5. Large selection of colours and patterns with combination possibilities.

Varied selection of colours

Artigo rubber flooring from our Italian supplier is characterised by such an extensive colour range that you will not know which one to choose. From soft pastel tones through deep red or orange to anthracite and black shades, one-colour even with a colour infill... The choice is really not easy.  

Book a consultation with us in the showroom, where we will be happy to show you all the samples and help with the selection.

Rubber design options

Thanks to the fact that Artigo rubber flooring is produced in rolls and squares, it is possible to assemble different colours together or cut out shapes from rolls instead of one colour and combine them with each other in similar or contrasting shades.

With the help of these floors, you can create both a simple black-and-white space and multi-coloured surfaces that will catch your eye at first glance. 

Acoustic rubber flooring

Artigo smooth flooring is now also available in an X-Elastic version with an acoustic backing. This will reduce noise by up to 21 dB.

This type of flooring is usually used in commercial spaces with increased demands on noise suppression, such as hospitals, libraries or even office spaces. In addition, Artigo X-Elastic acoustic rubber flooring has the advantage that the same pattern also exists in the normal version without an acoustic base, so that they can be combined during installation.