date: 09/11/2021

Sisal carpets stand out in appearance not only in the many structures of the woven surface, but also in the number of colors and shades. Sisal carpets woven in combination with other natural fibers (wool, coconut, flax) are also very interesting.

Sisal carpets in online catalog

Wall-to-wall carpets, rugs and runners

Sisal carpets can be laid both wall-to-wall and as rugs. From our products you can choose almost any material in rolls and we will make it into a rug in the required size. You can also choose how to finish the edges - overlocking or bordering in any shades and materials.

In addition to rugs, sisals are also popular as runners for corridors and stairs.

Sisal carpets properties

  • Acoustic insulation: thanks to the higher molecular density of the sisal fiber, sisal carpets absorb noise very well.

  • Fire resistance: sisal fibers are naturally more resistant to fire, so sisal carpets are a suitable choice for rooms with fireplaces or stoves.
  • Easy maintenance: sisal carpets are not difficult to maintenance, on the contrary, for carpets, ordinary vacuuming is enough, same for the the rugs.

Sisal carpets are, by their nature and method of production, very environmentally friendly. 

Where does sisal carpets fit?

With the exception of a few environments virtually anywhere - in residential areas (living rooms, hallways, bedrooms), as well as in commercial areas such as offices, hotels, showrooms and more.

On the contrary, sisals are not very suitable for humid environments, natural fiber retains its natural absorbency and the carpet is quickly destroyed in this type of environment. Due to their coarser structure, they are also not a popular choice for children's rooms.

Sisal carpets samples

If you would like to see and touch samples of Tasibel sisal carpets with your own eyes, call us and make an appointment, we will be happy to show you everything and help you with your selection.

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