date: 06/28/2023

The Tessitura collection of woven vinyl (part of the Fitnice product family) opens up completely new possibilities for the imagination of architects and interior designers. In our opinion, the new colours and patterns are highly inspiring and allow for an almost infinite number of designs and unique compositions.

Woven vinyl itself is the perfect floor (and ultimately also wall) material - combining the durability and strength of vinyl flooring with the traditional aesthetic of woven carpets. In addition, it offers a lot of of colours and textures to choose from and almost universal applicability to different types of projects.

Fitnice woven vinyl in online catalog

New colors, new designs

And in fact, Vertisol's new Tessitura collection takes this trendy material one step further. Bold new colours and interesting patterns... with this expanded range, Fitnice woven vinyl can adapt to almost any style and project. There are 12 different shapes available (from rolls and tiles to lamellas and triangles to trapezoids and hexagons) and different laying options (continuous or checkerboard).

One of the characteristic features of the Tessitura collection is the wide range of carefully selected shades that are in line with current interior design trends. 

From calmer tones such as grey and beige, to bolder reds, blues or greens, everything is designed to be combined together within a single room or even an entire floor.

Individual color

On request, it is also possible to produce an individual color of Fitnice woven vinyl, but in that case the minimal amount of hundreds or even thousands of square meters (depending on the chosen structure) is set.

Woven vinyl with acoustic benefit

All materials from the Tessitura collection can also be supplied in an acoustic version - sound absorption is then increased by up to 23 dB, which significantly improves the acoustic comfort in rooms. In addition, its special composition helps to dampen footsteps and thus provides a feeling of comfort.

Come to see the samples

Samples of all new colors and structures are already available in our showroom in Flora, we will be happy to welcome you and show you everything. 

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