Fitnice woven vinyl belongs to the portfolio of our Spanish supplier Vertisol. This company produces various textile solutions based on woven vinyl, which can primarily be used in residential architecture – floor and wall coverings, upholstery, acoustic panels and shading materials. Vertisol and its products have existed for almost 40 years, and during our cooperation we have become confident that we can fully rely on them.


Woven vinyl options

Fitnice is a modern floor covering with many options in the field of home design. The reason is not only its excellent utility properties (see below) and universal applicability in various residential and commercial spaces, but also the variety of colours, patterns and shapes.

Each of the collections has a different surface structure; there are strong colours and muted natural shades. The same patterns can be combined across all collections.

Advantages of woven Fitnice vinyl

  • Woven vinyl is a highly durable material.
  • The design possibilities of Fitnice woven vinyl are really broad – with the help of six different shapes and a number of colours and surface types, various patterns can be created on the floor.
  • Walking comfort is higher with woven vinyl than with conventional hard floors, the tread is softer and feels warm on bare feet.
  • The surface of Fitnice woven vinyl has a diverse structure, is not smooth, and therefore functions as naturally slip-resistant.
  • Woven vinyl is a universally usable floor material – it is suitable for apartments, offices, shops and other establishments, for interiors and exteriors.

Patterned floors

Among the specialities that Fitnice woven vinyl offers are the so-called "mosaic patterns". Thanks to the fact that Fitnice exists in six different shapes (slats, squares, rhombuses, hexagons and two triangles, equilateral and isosceles) as well as in rolls, various patterns can be laid out on the floor using them, in which the imagination of a residential architect can run wild.