date: 01/06/2022

New mosaic

In the mosaic we made relatively large changes, both in color and materials. The original relatively vivid colors were attenuated to mostly brown, beige and gray tones, in which gold, rusty or other more pronounced colors flash here and there. Among the materials you can see, for example, new sisal and wool carpets, rubbers, coir mats, brand new collections of carpets with fashionable retro designs or woven vinyl. The screeds have gained significantly more space - and not only because they are becoming more and more popular among our customers. Their rusty or gold/silver-shiny appearance enlivens the entire mosaic and pleasantly breaks most of the textile surface of the entire wall.

The entire mosaic wall can thus serve even better as a sampler of BOCA materials.

New space for consultation

We moved part of the sample cabinets to the place in front of the glass offices and the meeting room, where "relax area" was originally located, and created another space where we can consult with our customers their projects. Nearby are mainly carpet samples of natural materials, axminsters, wiltons, individual prints and woven patterns on request and, last but not least, an almost complete collection of rugs.

"Relax" to the openspace

The original relaxation space - a sofa, a table and armchairs together with a grown ficus - we have moved closer to the open space, where they will not only serve better, but also create a nice view created by the passage from the showroom.