date: 04/28/2021

The warm weather is finally starting to win, so it's time to improve the space, where we will spend more time in the coming season. Of course, we are talking about balconies, terraces, pergolas and other outdoor areas, where the floor is affected by normal weather conditions and weather fluctuations - sun, rain, etc.

Of course, it is not advisable to lay a normal carpet in such an exposed outdoor environment - those intended for the interior would not last long without damage, in the worst case they would be completely destroyed.

If you want to be sure that a rug or wall-to-wall carpet on your terrace or balcony will last, always choose from the offer of outdoor carpets. They are made of fibers that do not mind outdoor conditions, they are usually woven and with a structure of tight loops.

Outdoor rugs are also often treated to repel dirt and moisture.

We offer both single- and multi-colored rugs, mostly in natural shades, but we believe everyone can choose from our wide sortiment. Specific examples of carpets suitable for outdoor areas, you can see, for example, here:

Outdoor rugs

A complete offer we have available in our showroom - just call us and arrange a visit.

The second option are rugs made of woven vinyl, which we can produce in various sizes and with various borders, you just have to choose materials in our showroom or on the web. You can find some inspiration here.