date: 08/31/2020

Outdoors, on balconies and terraces, we can create a comfortable enviroment, for example, thanks to rugs made specifically for these areas. In our climatic condition, classic textile carpets wouldn't stand a chance under the open sky, but there's a range of those made specifically for this purpose. Which are those?

Woven vinyl rugs

Primarily the Fitnice rugs made out of woven vinyl - a modern material that combines woven carpet's design and synthetic material's resistance. We have a lot of various types of woven vinyl carpets in our sortiment, each in many colors and with different surface structures. If you pick a type that we at the moment have stored, give us a shape, size and a kind of edging (borderings of various colors and widths), you can have a new carpet on your balcony or terrace within a few days. If you liked a kind of rug we currently don't have stored, we would order it and make it in a longer time span.

Contract rugs

Another option is a contract carpet Mellon, which is resistant to wetness. That makes it an ideal candidate for outdoor use. It is supplied in 28 colors and we will gladly make a rug out of it in your desired size. Same as woven vinyl, we also have several of the colors stored and the carpet will be made within a few days - you just need to choose an edging type (stitching or borderings, various colors and widths).