date: 01/10/2024

Quality sisal fibre is everything

We all probably know that sisal is a natural fibre - but less well known is the fact that it comes from a plant called sisal agave, which is a succulent that grows up to 2 metres tall. It is from its leaves that the raw sisal fibre is extracted, by removing the pulp and drying it in the sun, which is used to make classic woven carpets.

We offer sisal carpets in a variety of designs and colours, and we can even make you a bespoke rug from any of the materials in our range - with inidvidual dimensions and finished edges of your choice.

A sisal rug with a distinctive border can be a beautiful design element in a living room or executive office.

We have sisal ant other rugs in stock in our BOCA e-shop - just choose, order and pay online and have your new rug at home in a few days.

Sisal rugs in our BOCA e-shop

Properties of sisal carpets

  • The fibre is strong and durable, and sisal carpets have the same properties and can withstand higher loads
  • Classic timeless design
  • They have many different designs and textures
  • Colours are most often in natural tones - light and dark brown, beige, grey, black, but they can also have other colours
  • They can be combined with other materials, most often with wool
  • They are naturally anti-static and do not attract dust or dirt
  • It is a natural material = ecological choice
  • Renewable, sustainable raw material

How to maintain sisal carpets?

Maintaining sisal carpets is not difficult - just vacuum them regularly with a vacuum cleaner without a brush or a professional version of a vacuum cleaner with a fine rotary brush that will not damage the surface. Sisal carpets, like all natural materials, are naturally anti-static and do not attract dust or dirt, which is one of their undeniable advantages.

For cleaning and removing any stains, we recommend James cleaning products, which we have used for a long time and have only the best experience with.

Carpet cleaning products

Where you can install sisal carpets?

Sisal carpets are a modern natural material that stands out not only in residential housing (i.e. private apartments and houses), but also in offices, showrooms, corridors and staircases in corporate premises. 

Sisal fibre is very durable and can withstand even higher loads in places where a higher frequency of people movement is expected.

The only thing sisal carpets don't like is persistent moisture - this could damage the sisal fibre and therefore they are not suitable for bathrooms, around the swimming pools etc.

See samples of sisal carpets

Come and choose from the dozens of sisal carpet samples we have in our BOCA showroom, or choose from our online catalogue or buy sisal carpets on stock in our e-shop - in any case, we will be happy to advise you on your choice.