About Artigo

Artigo is a leading Italian manufacturer of rubber flooring and a guarantee of first-class quality, long life and high utility value. This brand falls under the wings of the Italian concern Mondo (founded in 1948) and has historically benefited from the legacy of the Pirelli Group as one of the pioneers of rubber processing in Europe.

The main strength of Artigo products lies in their high durability, versatility and interesting unobtrusive appearance. Rubber floors are not only suitable for the industrial sphere, but also for commercial spaces and households. Different surface structures (smooth, embossed, hammered, with knobs,), a wide range of colours (monochrome, marbled, patterned, grainy…) and especially their practical properties make rubber flooring a great choice for almost any environment. They also provide their users with excellent acoustic insulation properties, high fire resistance and, last but not least, health and environmental safety.

Artigo flooring product lines:

- PLANSYSTEM: This is smooth rubber flooring with a special protective surface treatment PRO, which significantly increases their durability and reduces maintenance costs.

STUD SYSTEM: Rubber flooring with an embossed surface suitable for residential areas and buildings with heavy traffic.

- SPECIAL: Product line including specific types of rubber flooring – conductive, acoustic or with anti-slip treatment.

Materials and assortment

The Artigo brand offers complete rubber stairs and a wide range of additional materials – stair profiles, system rails, fabions, cover strips, step edges and more, all colour-coordinated with the floor offer. If you are interested in the Artigo offer, we will be happy to welcome you in our showroom, where you can see samples of all the products for yourself.