About the Infloor-Girloon company

The German company Infloor-Girloon, a specialist in the production of high-quality woven and tufted carpets, has been on the market for more than 50 years. Creativity combined with many years of experience, complemented by state-of-the-art carpet technology, makes this company one of the leading carpet manufacturers in the region. With German precision, they produce woven and tufted carpets of excellent quality, designed for both residential and commercial areas.

The company’s assortment

Contract carpets for commercial spaces are durable, suitable for environments with medium to high traffic. Infloor-Girloon provides some of its contract carpets with liftBAC backing. Its simple, practical and functional structure provides the carpet with excellent dimensional stability and easy installation, by allowing it to be laid without wall-to-wall gluing. Among the contract carpets you will find both tufted and woven carpets. They are characterised by quality workmanship, elegant appearance and high pile density. You will find both rolls and tiles in the company's product range.

Infloor-Girloon also offers woven or tufted residential carpets. They meet the high aesthetic and functional demands placed on carpets for your home. They have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, are slip-resistant, highly-resistant to common dirt and are very elegant to look at and pleasant to the touch. 

A collection of contract and residential carpets works with carpet tiles in the shape of a rectangle measuring 100 x 25 cm. The parts are manufactured in a wide range of surfaces, colours and structures. Together they can be freely combined. When laying these carpet tiles, you will appreciate the palette of many colours and structures. By placing the differently coloured tiles, an interior can be freshly enlivened. Using different colours and structures, it is possible to define certain areas in space, optically divide a large space, mark the main communication routes, or use their potential to make the space special and create a dynamic effect. They are laid without the need for wall-to-wall gluing. Their advantage is easy replacement of any part in case of local dirt or damage.

Infloor-Gilroon carpets in online catalog

Individual design

In addition to a comprehensive collection of contract and residential carpets, Infloor-Girloon also offers individual solutions for the production of carpets according to your design. From 100 m2, it is possible to produce any pattern, which will be transferred to the carpet by computer-controlled printing. It allows you to print any shape on the carpet with very high printing accuracy and sharpness with a density of 1,000,000 dots per m2.


All Infloor-Girloon carpets carry the “Blue Angel” award, which proves that high environmental standards are met in their production.