What is terrazzo?

In terms of material, terrazzo is a mixture of cement, crushed stone and dyes, which are combined together into a mass, which is poured onto the substrate and forms the final floor. The combination of different colors of crumb and binder creates unique surfaces - whether sanded smooth and polished to a high gloss, or with a rougher surface.

Different colors and surfaces

Terrazzo floors can be very different in color - the colors of the stones (or crumb) and the binder itself can be freely combined, so the resulting effect in the form of the final floor can take various forms.

Surfaces can also vary - the most popular is a smooth terrazzo floor with a high gloss, which looks very luxurious.

In the terrazzo floor, we can also create lines with decorative moldings or logos and ornamental patterns of various colors.

Where is terrazzo used?

Thanks to the fact that this type of floor is resistant to outdoor weather conditions, it is possible to install / apply terrazzo both indoors and outdoors. Terrazzo is a waterproof floor, at the same time it is highly stressful and is commonly installed in public and commercial spaces with frequent traffic, such as restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, schools, libraries, state institutions and more.