Client: GANT
Year: 2022
Photo: BOCA Group

Rugs in various shapes are traditionally a popular floor covering for interiors in fashion stores. This time the investor - the Czech branch of the American brand GANT based in OC Černý Most - wanted 7 pieces of rugs in these spaces in 3 colors and 3 sizes.

We were looking for a material and shade that would not only look good in combination with the dark brown wooden floor in the store, would not "beat" the exhibited goods, and at the same time withstand normal operation appropriate to these spaces.

All the necessary conditions met Bichon rug from the Modern Art edition of the Danish company Fletco.

It is a contract carpet with longer pile made of high-quality polyamide fiber. Rugs from this collection have several advantages that are great in this type of commercial space:

  • They are practical, easy to clean and maintain.
  • They have a functional anti-slip - on the underside they are equipped with a laminated backing that holds them in place.
  • No need to finish the edges - this backing ensures that the edges remain solid and do not fray.
  • Rugs meet load classes 23 and 31.

Rugs in three colors and three dimensions were installed both on the sales area itself and in the booths and shop windows.