Client: Lasvit
Realization date: 2018
Designer: Marek Deyl

The Lasvit company specialises in the production of glass and glass luminaires, and its presentation at the Milan Design Week became the subject of our cooperation with the Deyl-Šesták-architekti architectural studio. The main stars were, of course, glass installations with the theme of monsters and ghosts, complemented by a cabaret show and performances by burlesque dancers.

BOCA participated in the interior of the Monster Cabaret concept at the Teatro Gerolamo theatre in the form of Pointex anthracite carpets, which covered the space in the auditorium, directly under the monumental statue of Independent Maxim Velčovský. The galleries and lodges on all floors of the theatre are covered with the same carpets.

Architects word

"Our approach to this task was a specific this time, because it is actually still about scenography, with which I have many years of experience from the time when I worked for the film. We approached this magical and proportionately cozy space with the highest sensitivity and respect. Our inputs did not seem to be noticeable to the viewer at all, we wanted to follow the world that has existed there for decades. We were helped in this by the cooperation with the company BOCA (hence Pointex), which was probably one of the few companies in the world able to supply fabric with decor and pattern from of textile wall coverings in the theater. This world is only contrasted by a system of atypical backlit tables in organic shapes, which are the very carriers of all exhibited glass objects."

Marek Deyl
architect, Deyl-Šesták studio

Our Company delivered special Pointex carpets, which are primarily used at exhibitions, fairs, fashion shows and other one-off events. The most frequently installed Timeless fabric is produced in 72 colour variants; we used black and anthracite colours.

"The space of the theatre is very jagged, with a lot of columns and protrusions, everything had to be custom cut right on site. In addition, the carpets had to mimic the shapes of the exhibition counters on which glass objects were placed.”

Marek Deyl
architect, Deyl-Šesták studio
We are pleased that Lasvit was awarded the Milano Design Award for the best installation for its concept!