Realization date: 2020

The wish of the owner of a private apartment in Pilsen was, above all, to adhere to the muted colors of the entire interior, which consists of white, distinctive wood decor and gray tones. The choice of a suitable material for the floor was also influenced by the fact that the apartment is located in a residence and it was therefore desirable to solve the acoustic-insulation aspect, which does not need to be solved in other areas.

SimpLay Acoustic Clic vinyl flooring meets all the necessary requirements, which is why we chose it for installation.

Benefit of acoustic insulation

Thanks to a special sound-insulating layer, used SimpLay Acoustic Clic floors reduce the impact sound by as much as 20 dB, which is 5-10 times more than a standard vinyl floor.

Installation with a locking system

In addition, this vinyl floor is installed with a locking system, which guarantees an accurate and fast connection of individual parts. They can also be laid directly on the existing floor without the need for additional base layers.

In the bedroom, we also used the floor decor on the wall behind the bed to make the space cozier.

Vinyl in the bathroom

SimpLay Acoustic Clic vinyl flooring is also resistant to water and moisture. It can therefore also be installed in areas such as the bathroom. In addition, it is suitable for use with underfloor heating.