The new generation of vinyl flooring comes with a benefit that is not harmful in almost any commercial space – it is enriched with a special acoustic layer, which increases the sound insulation by as much as 19 dB. The layer is made of IXPE foam with a thickness of only 1 mm and effectively reduces the penetration of sound into neighbouring rooms.

Of course, we are talking about heterogeneous vinyl floors, i.e., those which consist of several different layers thermally pressed into each other. In our country, this range is mainly represented by Expona and Expona SimpLay floors, with which we have been working for many years and have had numerous successful implementations. 

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In this acoustic variant, vinyl floors can boldly compete with carpets in terms of sound insulation.

In addition, compared to conventional carpets, they offer easier maintenance and easier observance of hygienic rules, even in places with frequent traffic. We probably don't even have to mention compliance with all prescribed European standards and regulations (and related certificates), which is to be expected with all of our products.


The acoustic design is available for both the Expona Click range of lock vinyl floors and the non-adhesive version of the Expona SimpLay. Both are suitable for busy places with a high degree of use, they meet traffic classes 23, 33 and 42 for residential, commercial and industrial areas.

In addition, Expona Click 19dB acoustic flooring is waterproof, non-swelling in contact with water, and is therefore also suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms.

What else do Expona acoustic vinyl floors offer:

  • Each series (Expona Click 19dB and Expona SimpLay 19 dB) is sold in 12 wood and stone designs.
  • Both series have a slip-resistant R10 finish.
  • Expona acoustic flooring is also suitable for installation with underfloor heating.