date: 06/16/2021

It is a well-known fact that carpets and floors in general can significantly affect the atmosphere of the entire interior. With this in mind, the German manufacturer Object Carpet, in collaboration with the design studio Ippolito Fleitz, developed a brand new collection of carpets, which has recently finally here.

And we think the result is impressive.

years of development

The collection includes 8 types of carpets with different surfaces and materials, which can be combined very well. Names such as Skill x Chill, Meet x Beat, Move x Groove or Walk x Talk should evoke potential use, characterize the feeling or mood of the respective design. Color variants play a main role, from subtle natural tones to strong experimental colors.

There are countless possibilities to use these carpets - private apartments, hotels, cafes, restaurants, offices…

Unlimited combinations

The structures and colors of all products offer almost unlimited freedom in combination, all qualities are available as full-area and rugs (RugX) and many of them also Acoustic Tiles.


Ecological principles are important to us, so we welcome the fact that carpets from this collection are created without emissions and pollutants.

Of course, we have samples of the entire collection available in our showroom, call us and make an appointment if you are interested in seeing them for yourself.

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