When the floor has an exterior

An untraditional carpet with an original pattern or a strong colour combination can completely change the atmosphere of the entire interior. Try to use one of the design carpets, for example, in a minimalist space and give it a new personality. Choose from the best products from experienced manufacturers who follow current trends and collaborate with top designers. There are no limits to your imagination either. Take advantage of the combination of materials, colours and patterns and design your own unique carpet.

Individual design

Attractive to look at, durable at every step

Our royal supplier of carpets, Object Carpet, has long proven that exceptional aesthetic properties can be combined with demanding requirements for durability. Its contract carpets have even won several prestigious design awards. They are great wherever you need to create a unique atmosphere or attract visitors with an original solution, and you do not want to compromise on the demands on functional features.

The carpets absorb noise perfectly and, with their durability, almost match hard floor coverings. They are available in rolls, as a rug, or in tiles, and allow various combinations of art patterns and colours.  

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Design carpet collections

From time to time, some manufacturers have special design collections, on which they collaborate with leading designers or other personalities. The result is almost always something unique - carpets that have an unconventional design, material, or a combination of both.

For example, from the cooperation of the Ippolito Fleitz Group studio with the manufacturer Object Carpet, 8 types of carpets in 111 color variants were created ...

Design your own hand-woven rug

A quality rug with an original pattern woven from first-class natural materials is a sign of good taste and depicts your personality. Some manufacturers are well aware of this fact and specialise in the individual wishes of demanding customers. One of them is the Belgian brand JoV with excellent traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. And what's more – it offers you the opportunity to design your own combination of material, pattern and colour.

The basis of the success of the Belgian brand JoV are the best natural materials – wool, silk, linen, mohair and cotton. Their unique properties give the carpets strength, cleanliness and beauty.

These Belgian masters listen to the wishes of their customers with the same respect that they devote to the quality of the material and its processing. Together with them, they open up a whole world of possibilities, where everyone can find their ideal combination of material, colour, pattern or shape. Come to our showroom to see for yourself how easily you can become a designer of luxury carpets.


Environmentally friendly design

Increasingly more manufacturers are coming up with innovative approaches to organising production, composing materials and maintaining their products. The German manufacturer Object Carpet proves that respect for nature can also be reflected in design. Its carpets from the Places of Origin series draw inspiration from natural phenomena – from sand dunes, glaciers, deep forests or canyons, while the method of their production also meets the highest current demands on ecology.

Innovative weaving technology saves material and uses renewable energy sources for its operation. ECONYL® nylon fibres from recycled material do not contain bitumen, latex or PVC.

Individual design

Didn’t find a carpet according to your imagination? Have it made! Choose a colour or have the carpet printed with your own motif. Today's technologies allow some individual adjustments for orders from 100 square metres.

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