date: 05/14/2021

Thanks to the higher weight of the vinyl planks and their special backing, SimpLay floors adhere to the substrate without the need to glue or click the panels together. This method of installation is called "loose lay" and has a number of benefits.

Benefits of loose lay installation:

  • No adhesives, no click systems
  • Easy replacement of individual tiles
  • Product reusability
  • The base layer remains clean and undamaged even after the components have been uninstalled
  • The quickest installation system in the market
  • Minimal height differences caused by subfloor are eliminated thanks to beveled upper edges of tiles and planks

SimpLay floors with their design are safely among those that will not embarrass any interior. You can choose from 40 decors that are changing regularly according to current trends - the latest additions are, for example, Westbury Oak Versailles decors (wooden mosaic), Base Screed (cement trowel) or Sterling Terrazzo (terrazzo floor).

Properties of the vinyl flooring Expona SimpLay:

  • 40 various designs of wood and stone
  • fast and easy installation
  • resistant wear layer of 0,7 mm thickness
  • wearability classes 23, 34 and 43 – the floor is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial areas

Call us, arrange a visit and come and see samples of Expona SimpLay vinyl floor designs in our showroom at Prague's Flora.